Tripod: We must ask the question what has to have a good tripod?.


The tripod is a necessary accessory to prevent camera shake that occurs in photos that require long exposure times or under conditions where the light is not as abundant as we would like. It is also very useful when you want to do a group photo and we want to be in it.

Now we know we need a tripod, we must ask the question what has to have a good tripod?.

 What conditions must meet a tripod to be really good?

Stability: This is the first condition on a good tripod. Before venturing to buy one, I make sure to check how much weight and what kind of camera can withstand, as a tripod ready for a compact camera, you will spend hard time to hold an SLR.

Weight and Size: We consider this feature a lot if we are to carry it. Today there are many tripods made of very resistant aluminum and magnesium. But if you skimp too much on our budget, it may be too weak or too heavy.

Type of head: The part that look at the camera. Bring cheaper tripods headstock, while the most advanced offer us the possibility to exchange heads. Keep in mind the kind of tripod you need and decide if you need to change head or not. The most important part is the ball head, which allows us to get different angles, inclinations and axis of rotation.

Now let’s see some tripods:

The Hama Star 8 Mono is a monopod that will help us stabilize our camera in action photography, in which we can not take several minutes to stabilize the tripod and let the camera steady. This option is also very economical and lightweight, it weighs only 250g.

It is divided into 5 sections and is over 40 inches folded to 1.4 meters if we open it to the fullest.

Fancier FT6662A

It is one of the cheapest options that we can buy and with a relatively acceptable quality. It is an aluminum tripod a Chinese company, but with a build quality to which we are accustomed to the Chinese. Comes with carrying bag is 4 sections (allowing you to spend less folded). Furthermore, the central bar is removable.

On the other hand, at the tip of the legs with metal spikes (to work on the street) and removable rubber parts (to avoid scratching the floor of house). As a bonus, on top has a spirit level and compass.


While the Gorillapod can not be classified as a tripod as often we know, the truth is that it does its job and is a choice of the most original and effective. The Gorillapod is characterized by offering us the chance to grab our camera just about anywhere. It is also very light and we can choose in different sizes to support the weight of any type of camera (compact or SLR from a video camera)

Hama Omega Premium

This Hama tripod is now a more professional option, costing far more than we had seen. This is a tripod made of aluminum, faster system dismantled and move column gear. This means that to raise or lower the tripod we will use a crank that will bring us more accurately and quickly to adjust the nut of the typical tripod.

We can also use video cameras, which will benefit enough from the column gear when recording video. Has a maximum height of 1.48 meters and supports a camera up to 4 kg.

Slik Pro 700 DX

In this case we’re talking about a professional tripod, and its price tells us quite clearly. Is composed of an aluminum-magnesium alloy and titanium, has a locking lever is adjustable to a maximum height of 1.9 meters.

Furthermore, we can afford to adjust your camera quite heavy with a good telephoto, it supports up to 7 kg

Manfrotto 055CX3 – 

This tripod is a Manfrotto tripod high level. So much so that the body is worth 250 Euros, but the ball apart. If we change our ball tripod and preserve ancient parts, this is a great option that stands out for its quality of construction materials.

It is built in carbon fiber and can rise up to 1.7 meters. Also weighs very little, only 800 grams source:xatafoto


One thought on “Tripod: We must ask the question what has to have a good tripod?.

  1. nice post! tripods are absolutely essential for many things.. this should be a help for many new guys picking out some form of tripod. if anyone wants to check out a review on the manfrotto 190xprob (similar to the 055cx3 posted here) check out the last post on my blog 🙂 cheers

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