Types of Camera. (Classification)

When we try to classify the types of cameras, we can do it in a comprehensive manner orin a practical way. We approach it in a practical way and try to help the amateur who can not decide on which camera to buy.

When we speak of compact or ultracompact camera, cameras usually referred to rather small, lightweight, whose aim is not removable.

Cameras are usually easy to use, inexpensive and intended for an audience that is initiated into the world of photography. They usually have between 3x optical zoom and 5x for what they are best suited to landscape photography, architectural or anyone who does not require very long focal.


They are perfect for travel, parties or gatherings of friends. To carry it around (not for nothing are called pocket cameras), where it is important to remember whether the photo quality.

Either way some have options for manual, so it may be ideal to start in the world of photography if you have not had any prior contact.

UltraZoom Cameras

Cameras are a little more advanced than before, although its main difference is the ultra-compact optical zoom on these cameras can reach 18x.

They also tend to be larger in size (no longer fit in your pocket), with greater presence. It is a step prior to the DSLR, but we’ll see that they are not comparable.

Still compact cameras, as the goal remains fixed. They are more versatile than the ultra-compact as the optical zoom allows other photographs where used longer focal lengths (Close, nature photography, etc …). They are more expensive than compact and (usually) cheaper than SLR.

The midpoint going, both in size and quality as they begin to see better lenses in the optical. Ideal for anyone looking to point the compact but still does not want to step up to DSLR world.


They are the sisters of the picture. Designed for both advanced amateur to professional.

The main differences with the compact are two:

The first is the reflex viewfinder, thanks to which we can see directly through the lens and not a digital recreation on a screen, just as with the compact.

The second and crucial is that the goals are interchangeable, coming to have a very varied range of focus, qualities and prices.

They are more expensive and heavy, but they are also the more image quality give little to invest in good optics also allow total control of the parameters, so if you really like photography and intend to move forward in this world certainly is your choice. source: xatafoto


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