Hello My Dear Lovers Of Photography!

Hello My Dear Lovers Of Photography!

I have long since abandoned but now I’m back there are many things that I consume too much time working and being a student at a time is a battle that ultimately give good results.

It is long since I undertake the trip with my lens or rather my language and very unique so: my dogleg street leaving my camera with me to explore the disturbing world filled with vibrant colors and surreal paradises believe that technology and social media are taking me to do a little more conventional am firm believer that no matter many times you take the picture, but what this reflects, a photograph is like putting a play scene that captures the magic of different people, I I’ve thrown has to make a photography lover social media if there was not this term but that’s what I’ve done with my smart phone to photograph the world through a machine that does not weigh much.

In these short vacation I have taken the challenge out once a week with my faithful companion my pretty street has a little more exploring the world so soon I’ll be with new photos, discovering new techniques and implementing some read into Google and carrying into practice some of his tips and tricks. I invite you to take with me he exercised and to discover the wealth of the most wonderful invention of time for me personally is the wonder of the past, the present and the future because it would be in the world but we could catch every one of the incredible things that gives us perhaps many of you have a vague idea about the history if those golden ages of the camera obscura and those characters that were part baroque Victorian speed and have a mark on the world.

Thank Camara

Thank photography

See you later

Smile and say Cheese



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